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Nobilis Roleplaying Game's Journal
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Date:2011-03-04 13:14
Subject:Copy of GWB on eBay, UK

There's a copy of the 2nd ed book on eBay in the UK, for £30 (currently).


No, it's not one of mine!

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Date:2011-02-18 01:02

New to this community, and I know it's not very active around here, but I have a quick question for anyone willing to answer!

What's a good number of players for a game of Nobilis? I know there's no lower limit, but what about upper ones?

For the record, I'm looking around my (online) group of friends for people who might want to give a game of Nobilis a shot. And while I'm not expecting a huge turnout or anything, I'm wondering if I should say something like "I'm looking for X number of people to play." I do prefer to have at least three people, but looking around online and looking at examples in the GWB, I haven't seen groups of more than, at most, four PCs. I've been in larger groups than that for other RPGs, of course, but with Nobilis it seems like having too many people might make it a lot harder to run smoothly and cohesively.

Do things start getting more difficult to manage and keep track of when you get up to five, six, seven PCs (under one Imperator) in a single game? Is there a certain number of players you wouldn't recommend going over? Are there ways around the "one PC group, one Imperator" thing that might change that number? (Off the top of my head, having two Imperators who are allied, or even related, might make for an interesting idea and might make it easier to have more PCs total--half allied to each--even if the story may still get overly-complex.) What are your opinions on the subject, guys?

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Date:2010-08-08 10:57
Subject:Nobilis; things to come

The inestimable Power of Nobles, Dr. Jenna Moran, has posted a promo PDF for the new edition of Nobilis and the various things she has coming from EOS press.

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Date:2009-12-03 15:08
Mood: satisfied

Dead place, I know, but if anyone is wandering through here, I thought I'd link some news.

The first part of a Society of Flowers is Here at Eos Press as a PDF and is free.

The second part is Here at Hitherby Dragons for free as a PDF.

There aren't any more books out yet, but there's something new for this community.


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Date:2006-12-04 19:40
Subject:Administration notice

I just received an email message to me that there has been a request for forgotten-password information made for this community. Which startled me as I had not made such a request, and I had entirely forgotten that I was the admin.

If someone was wanting to take over administration of this community, please contact me and I'll see about figuring out how to hand over the reins.

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Date:2006-03-28 18:12
Subject:New Hitherby feed

For those that don't know.. R. Borgstrom, the author of Nobilis, writes stories in her blog called Hitherby Dragons, that's recently been changed to Imago Hitherby Dragons. For those subscribed to the old feed, I've created a new feed that should now work. imago_hitherby

For those that haven't been reading, I can't suggest that you check out some of the stories enough. There are some truly great ones.
Rainbow Brite goes Noir detective, Hopping Vampires abound, and in all the stories there's some profound insights on the human condition.

In her own words..
"Hitherby Dragons is a story about the emptiness.If you look out at the world, there’s a lot that you know. There’s a lot that you understand. But at the edge of your map there’s emptiness. There’s questions that are hard to answer. There’s things that are hard to explain. There’s choices that don’t make sense and there’s a sea of chaos and there’s emptiness.
Jane is a girl with some questions she needs to answer. So she’s gone to the edge of the world, where Santa Ynez touches on the chaos, and walked across the bridge to the abandoned tower of the gibbelins, and set up with some friends and associates a stage, and every night, more or less, they put on a show, and try to answer some of their questions.

About 250 entries a year are just that—shows. Legends, Jane calls them, because they’re things that the Gibbelins’ Tower crew uses to help make sense of the world. I’m not sure how they break down exactly. Some of the legends are serious. Most are humorous, and most of the humor is either burlesque or incongruity. Some of the legends are directly about the things in Jane’s world. Most are essentially random. Some are sad, but mostly Jane likes to give people something to smile or laugh at in the morning."

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Date:2006-01-09 23:10
Subject:Ideas Wanted: The Fourth Age
Mood: mischievous

If you're a player in my game, you'll probably not want to read this.

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Date:2005-10-21 00:20
Subject:Noble Replacements Needed in Washington, DC

So, okay, some people in the DC area have poked me about playing Romance, but no one is willing to commit to a game that's once a month. I find this sort of odd, considering that's not that often.

Regardless, if you're interested in playing the Power of Romance in my Nobilis Omega game, the game is once a month, either the first or second Friday of the month. We play in Arlington, VA, not far from the Metro stop for East Falls Church, so even if you live in MD it's easy and cheap to get there. We're playing the Treachery campaign, and the other Powers in the familia in question are the Firebird, Dream, and Secret Places. The Imperator they serve is an Angel. Edit: The Power of Secret Places is now available as well.

Also, in my other Nobilis game, Nobilis Alpha, we need someone to replace the Power of Chivalry. That game meets every two weeks, on every other Wednesday, in Beltsville, MD, not far from Hyattsville, really. The bus goes right by where we play. That group is involved in a more freeform campaign. Right now they're investigating corruption in the Cammora. Their Imperator is one of Aaron's Serpents, and the other Powers in that familia are Curses, Communication, Desire, Friction, Arthropods, and Separation.

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Date:2005-07-08 14:50

Yes, WA. Specifically, Bellingham, WA. Any Nobilisteers in the area?

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Date:2005-05-18 10:11
Subject:My new Nobilis game
Mood: curious

My group started a Nobilis campaign last night - just group chargen, imperator and chancel generation.

All the players are new to the game, so it took some time to get everyone up to speed as to what miracles were, and what everyone could theoretically do. There were a few definite neat moments, like when one of the players said, "This game really makes you think outside the box, doesn't it?", or when another player said, "What fun is a game if the characters aren't being abused by the universe?" as she bought a two-way gateway to a hostile Diabolic chancel (the hellmouth in the men's room, it was unofficially called). Everyone seems quite enthusiastic.

They belong to the Celestial Family of the Wildlord Arsis, God-Emperor of Rock (a title which tickled me so much, I felt compelled to give everyone an extra miracle point). He is the Imperator of Procrastination, Hair, Masks, and Imagination. The God-Emperor of Rock has a multitudinous mystery cult, which some time in the past underwent a major religious schism, with one faction turning to dark paths and eventually becoming corrupted by the Excrucians. Arsis' Nobles are incapable of holding down a steady job, and are soul-twisted, making them invisible to the Sight and immune to being forced to tell the truth.

Arsis EnChancelled in the Arsiseum (name still under advisement by the players) - a giant rock and roll arena. By giant I mean the seats are scaled more for an inhabitant of Jotunheim than for humans; there are entire villages up in the bleachers. It is accessible via the locked back rooms of certain clubs scattered around the world; there is also a gateway to a Chancel of Hell under the stage.

The Duke of Imagination follows the Code of the Dark; and is such a self-centered bastard he's hated within the Chancel. He appears to spend most of his time forming cults to himself and trying to win the praise of immortals. He has the Virtue Self-Centered - no power in the universe can make him think of anyone other than himself first. He also has an evil twin; this twin may be the good one, really....

The Viscount of Hair follows the Code of the Light. His estate encompasses both the physical body covering of mammals, as well as the social implications of hair and hair style. He is both blatant in his use of miracles, and his own hair grows at an abnormally high rate - approximately 1 foot per hour.

The Marquis/Marchessa of Masks follows its own Code of the Face. Its Estate covers physical masks, as well as the tendency of people to hide secrets and their own true natures behind facades. Its powers are useless against those who are completely without artifice, although it possesses the virtue of Secretive, meaning no one can force it to act openly, and it will always be able to find the most occult (in the sense of hidden) way to do something.

Lastly, we have Frank Shelby, a Candleflame and Viscount of Procrastination. Frank's Estate is the most straightforward, covering exactly what it says - Procrastination. He's put off aging (has the Eternal gift), and his Imperator shard even has put off manifesting its own glorious nature until later (has the Uninspiring limit). Frank appears to have aspirations of being a writer... should he ever get around to it.

So, the questions (well, some might be open-ended comments):

1) Masks chose a limit of Aspect, "Can't appear the same way twice" - meaning it has to, when it leaves someone and reappears to them, look different on a scale that the two Oracles in "The Matrix", or the two Darrens on "Bewitched" looked different. Given guising and the player's Domain, is this a limit of Aspect? I told her it might be worth as much as 2 points, but the more I think about it, I'm thinking only 1 point. Should I just make it a 1-point limit?

2) On the other hand, the Power of Imagination also wanted to appear different to everyone who looks at him. "I want to look like whatever they imagine me to look like" - this sounds like Super-Guising, and I'm thinking that'd be a Gift.

3) Imagination also took the Double (or, as I like to think of it - the Evil Twin) Restriction. Since Imagination, who follows the Code of The Dark, has the Hated Limit, and the Self-Centered Virtue, is already pretty sick and twisted, would this make his Double "the good guy"? or are Doubles, by their nature, always sick and twisted, in which case it'll just be weird like Bender's Evil Twin...

4) Any ideas on some complementary Powers of Hell for the Hellmouth?

5) Only one of the PCs has a higher Aspect than 0, but he has a 3. Any ideas as to ways to challenge him without making it seem like I'm punishing the 0s?

And lastly, I'm gonna ask you guys to help me do my homework, and give me some suggestions for an initial introductory story for everyone based on what I've got here? I'm fishing for some more details on bonds and character history to give me hooks, but it was laaaate when we finished, so everything was very sketched out and vague when we left off.

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Date:2005-02-14 17:13
Mood: blah

Is it possible for a character to change Code? And if so, how is it done? Is there an official answer for this? And if there isn't, how would you answer this question? :)

If there's no official answer part of me wants to say there's some sort of ritual involved, probably involving sponsorship of someone of the appropriate Code...

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Date:2005-01-27 11:15
Subject:Unspeakable Cyclopean Witness

An Elder God wants to come in from the void and turn in the other monstrousities beyond creation to the Lord in Heaven and His Heavenly Host. You are the crack team who must guard this beast, gather evidence and put together evidence for the trial against the Lovecraftian entities your witness is dropping dime on.

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Date:2004-08-10 14:31

So, okay, my Werewolf game is dead, dead, dead. With the World of Darkness in flux anyway as a game line, I'd like to concentrate on something else.

I'm interested in running Nobilis. Would anyone in the greater Washington, DC area be interested in such a thing? It'd run, on average, once every two weeks.

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Date:2004-05-09 18:02
Subject:Nobilis Dream

I fell asleep, a nice lazy Sunday nap, while reading Nobilis for the first time. I have had trouble finding time to read the book, it isn't exactly the kind of tome you can throw in your back pocket and read anywhere.

In my dreams, I explained what little I knew of the game and the group, some kind of faceless dream-group, came up with an Imperator and a chancel.

The Imperator of Espionage, King of Conflict.

Duke of War and Blood-Shed

Patrion Saint of the Survivors, those whom the conflict leaves behind

The Suavest Being Alive, a God of 007's, Smooth Lies and Wry Smiles

Their Chancel is a cosmic ready-room, where any conflict can be mapped out with precision and intelligence as if it was a nation's own war.

From a playground conflict between 8 year olds to a family feud to a disagreement among devils, the ready-room can be put on alert to monitor any conflict in the cosmos.

When I woke up the book was next to me, red silk book mark on page 13, still 286 pages to go. Who knows what dreams they'll bring?

Consider this my Nobilis review of the first 13 pages, at least. If this isn't an endorsement, I don't know what is.

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Date:2004-02-25 16:10
Subject:Washington, DC

Anyone in the greater Washington, DC area interested in a game? I'd particularly love to get into a Nobilis game in this area... I almost got to play a game online, and it was cruelly yanked from me...

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Date:2004-02-08 22:12

My Goodness! I can't tell you how happy I am to actually find this community! Hello, my name is Pol, I'd like to introduce myself. From Chicago, currently going to UIC as a Arts Major, so if any on this board are in the region feel free to talk to me. At any rate, I'd just like to say hi. Feel free to add me to your friends list.

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