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Noble Replacements Needed in Washington, DC

So, okay, some people in the DC area have poked me about playing Romance, but no one is willing to commit to a game that's once a month. I find this sort of odd, considering that's not that often.

Regardless, if you're interested in playing the Power of Romance in my Nobilis Omega game, the game is once a month, either the first or second Friday of the month. We play in Arlington, VA, not far from the Metro stop for East Falls Church, so even if you live in MD it's easy and cheap to get there. We're playing the Treachery campaign, and the other Powers in the familia in question are the Firebird, Dream, and Secret Places. The Imperator they serve is an Angel. Edit: The Power of Secret Places is now available as well.

Also, in my other Nobilis game, Nobilis Alpha, we need someone to replace the Power of Chivalry. That game meets every two weeks, on every other Wednesday, in Beltsville, MD, not far from Hyattsville, really. The bus goes right by where we play. That group is involved in a more freeform campaign. Right now they're investigating corruption in the Cammora. Their Imperator is one of Aaron's Serpents, and the other Powers in that familia are Curses, Communication, Desire, Friction, Arthropods, and Separation.
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