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Ideas Wanted: The Fourth Age

If you're a player in my game, you'll probably not want to read this.

So, to close out my campaign, I'm having the PCs ordered by their Imperator to start the Fourth Age which Ananda represents. In the process, one of Lord Entropy's unforgivable sins will be exposed, shifting the power in the council away from Entropy at last.

Now, I have plenty of ideas how to link this to the individual players and my particular campaign. However, what I want is some general ideas from y'all to start my brain boiling.

Now, I believe there isn't much information about the Fourth Age in the rulebook. All it says about the Third Age, I believe, is it started when the Excrucians arrived; feel free to correct me. The implied First and Second Ages are ciphers. What I want is ideas for all four Ages, including what y'all have done in your campaigns, and/or any drips or drabs from the rulebook I missed. Suggestions for Entropy's sin, other than the obvious "he's really working with the Excrucians", would also be welcome.

This is what I've given the players so far on the Fourth Age:

What little is known about the Fourth Age comes from Cassandra, Prophecy's Pawn. Sources conflict as to what she actually said about the Fourth Age. All sources agree she said bringing about the Fourth Age would be heralded by a breach in the Weirding Wall. In some versions of the prophecy, this breach sets the Wildlords free, who fight off something worse than the Excrucians in the process. In other versions of the prophecy, these Others Without manage to get into Creation while the Wildlords escape, laughing as they go.

Little is known of Cassandra herself, other than the fact she is the Power of Prophecy and that her name is a pseudonym, tho it is believed she was a contemporary of the historical Cassandra. No one even knows who her Imperator is, though it is believed she serves either a Lord of Order or an Aaron's Serpent. She has a special arrangement with the Cammora to hide her, and anyone who wants to see her must go through them.

The only other known sources of information on the Fourth Age are Ananda himself, who isn't talking, and the mysterious Asper Chen, Marquis of the Fourth Age, said to be Cassandra's lover, flouting Lord Entropy's law in private.
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