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New to this community, and I know it's not very active around here, but I have a quick question for anyone willing to answer!

What's a good number of players for a game of Nobilis? I know there's no lower limit, but what about upper ones?

For the record, I'm looking around my (online) group of friends for people who might want to give a game of Nobilis a shot. And while I'm not expecting a huge turnout or anything, I'm wondering if I should say something like "I'm looking for X number of people to play." I do prefer to have at least three people, but looking around online and looking at examples in the GWB, I haven't seen groups of more than, at most, four PCs. I've been in larger groups than that for other RPGs, of course, but with Nobilis it seems like having too many people might make it a lot harder to run smoothly and cohesively.

Do things start getting more difficult to manage and keep track of when you get up to five, six, seven PCs (under one Imperator) in a single game? Is there a certain number of players you wouldn't recommend going over? Are there ways around the "one PC group, one Imperator" thing that might change that number? (Off the top of my head, having two Imperators who are allied, or even related, might make for an interesting idea and might make it easier to have more PCs total--half allied to each--even if the story may still get overly-complex.) What are your opinions on the subject, guys?
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