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Nobilis Dream

I fell asleep, a nice lazy Sunday nap, while reading Nobilis for the first time. I have had trouble finding time to read the book, it isn't exactly the kind of tome you can throw in your back pocket and read anywhere.

In my dreams, I explained what little I knew of the game and the group, some kind of faceless dream-group, came up with an Imperator and a chancel.

The Imperator of Espionage, King of Conflict.

Duke of War and Blood-Shed

Patrion Saint of the Survivors, those whom the conflict leaves behind

The Suavest Being Alive, a God of 007's, Smooth Lies and Wry Smiles

Their Chancel is a cosmic ready-room, where any conflict can be mapped out with precision and intelligence as if it was a nation's own war.

From a playground conflict between 8 year olds to a family feud to a disagreement among devils, the ready-room can be put on alert to monitor any conflict in the cosmos.

When I woke up the book was next to me, red silk book mark on page 13, still 286 pages to go. Who knows what dreams they'll bring?

Consider this my Nobilis review of the first 13 pages, at least. If this isn't an endorsement, I don't know what is.
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